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Solve riddles fast and you could win cash!

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Practice Riddles are available for free at any time – hone your skills with previous contest riddles and get ready to compete for prizes!

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RiddleVerse Cash Prize Riddle Solving Contests run at the same time every day – check the schedule below for schedules and prize payouts!

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RiddleVerse cash prizes are fully guaranteed – hundreds in cash prizes awarded to our winners, every day!

Riddle Recap!

At the end of each contest we provide a breakdown of each riddle – so the more you play, the better you get!

Badges and Achievements!

Level up as you play - with a whole host of awards in the form of shareable badges and achievements, players can easily compare (or show off) stats!

Riddle of the Day!

This feature is coming soon – but you’ll like it.

About Riddleverse

RiddleVerse is a game of mental skill in which our contestants compete against the clock - and one another - for cash prizes, several times a day.

We offer nation-wide riddle-solving contests and pay cash to the winners. It’s a new experience – we call it mind sports.

Win cash for solving unGoogleable riddles. Check below for updates to the contest schedule and prize payouts.

Prize Payouts

Contests and prizes are always posted 24 hours in advance - check back frequently for updates.


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